Start-up service

Fittings as technological equipment are capable of operating for many years. It is, however, essential that the place and parameters of the equipment installation be correctly identified before starting up the equipment for the first time. A thorough approach, accompanied by support on the part of a Tehaco’s team, assisting the user in correct putting the equipment into operation by supervision and parameters monitoring, will ensure a long-term operation of the equipment.

Warranty service

Tehaco provides a full technical support during the whole lifetime of the equipment delivered. At the design and production stage the company is responsible for the quality, technical parameters and control of the equipment. After commissioning of the fittings it grants the user a warranty that it will be possible to operate the equipment without any troubles. At the stage of equipment withdrawal from use the company supports the user in disposal proceedings.

The warranty service is carried out at the factory or on the site. The Tehaco’s service team has at its disposal specialist tools and uses only original spare parts for servicing.


Commissioning of fittings starts the equipment operation stage. The correct course of operation depends largely on proper preparation of the service personnel.

Tehaco offers training in operation and servicing of the equipment offered. Each time the training program is worked out to match the specific needs of the user or facility. The training courses are conducted on the Tehaco’s or user premises.

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