TZN Wall Mounted Penstock

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The TZN Wall Mounted Penstock is intended for flow control, level control and partial or complete cutting off sewage flow in sewage treatment plants and pumping stations. These penstocks can be mounted in walls of open reservoirs and chambers and at inlets and outlets of channels of any shape. The penstock may operate as a normal wall-mounted penstock with a vertical-lift gate or as an overflow penstock with a drop gate. Depending on the width of the overflow opening the penstocks are manufactured in versions with one or two trapezoidal screws. For deep situated sewage channels the penstocks are fitted with elongated trapezoidal screws or with extension rods fastened to supporting posts. The penstocks are mounted in channel walls with the aid of expansion pins. Profiled rubber strips fastened to the penstock frame are used for sealing. The penstocks are normally made of acid resistant steel. A universal assembly for connection of a penstock actuator allows one to easily apply any actuator without additional operations. For more details see the data sheet TZN-ds, to be downloaded from this page. Please do not hesitate to contact our local representatives or directly our Sales Department if you require further information.


DZConformity Declaration
ŚKJQuality Control Certificate
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