TZP Wall-mounted Penstock

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The valve mounted TZP designed for flow control, level control, partial or complete stop of waste water treatment plants and pumping stations. They can be installed on the walls of the open tanks and chambers, the inlet and outlet channels of any shape, where the movement of the obturator down the valve opens. Depending on the width of the hole overflow valves are made in one or two trapezoidal screws. The location of sewers at great depths, valves have elongated trapezoidal screws or bolts extending, mounted on the support columns. Suitable for wall mounting channel using plugs, seals used are profiled rubber strips attached to the frame of the valve, typically made ​​of stainless steel. Universal drive unit connection valve body allows for easy application of any drives without any additional measures. For more details see the data sheet TZP-ds, to be downloaded from this page. Please do not hesitate to contact our local representatives or directly our Sales Department if you require further information.


DZConformity Declaration
ŚKJQuality Control Certificate
GOSTConformity Certificate